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MerryHerb’s Glucose Support is a comprehensive herbal formula that helps to maintain blood sugar within a normal range. This formula contains herbal ingredients that help to regulate glucose metabolism, strengthen the digestive function, as well as addressing symptoms such as body heat and night sweating, dryness, and other common symptoms that are often associated with diabetes.

Because your blood glucose is well managed, it also helps to avoid serious diabetes complications down the road, such as nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, kidney and eye damage, and many others. Glucose Support is gentle, with no side effects. As always, please continue to monitor your blood glucose levels daily, working closely with your doctor.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), most diabetes cases manifest the characteristic of the deficiency of both Yin and Qi energies. Our Glucose Support herbal formula can help nourish Yin, tonify Qi, support the immune system, and clear toxins from the body, in order to regulate the glucose metabolism and insulin resistance, and help support the blood sugar within a normal range.


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